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This concept also makes sense for smaller businesses.

Digital optimization solutions and scanners are believed to be reserved for large sawmills and wood industries solely due to cost reasons.” This misconception has been proven wrong once again by Alpiscan, based in Feldthurns, Italy, at Holz Fesl in Upper Austria. The company from South Tyrol supplies scanner solutions tailored to the needs of businesses of all sizes, from small sawmills to large industries, with individually customized and sophisticated solutions.

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Tyrolean eagle eye

Alpiscan developed a scanner system for Huter & Söhne that is designed for BSH (Bohlen-Schalungs-Holz) elements. This system not only detects resin pockets, knots, and other defects but also transfers this information directly to the connected cutting system. It is a new concept that is likely to be of interest to many laminated timber manufacturers.

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The wood is exposed

Scanner technology, similar to that used at airports, speeds up production. To be able to detect every knot and fiber deviation at a speed of 500 m/min, one needs powerful technical components and someone who can handle them, but not necessarily a huge budget.

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More value creation

The question of what to do with lower-quality products was a concern for Gebr. Eisenring, Gossau, an Eastern Swiss company involved in planed wood product manufacturing, as it surely did for many other planed wood product manufacturers. They sought to increase yield through defect cosmetic treatment.

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Affordable measurement technology

Since 2014, the South Tyrolean company Alpiscan has been offering innovative scanner solutions for large industrial companies as well as small and medium-sized enterprises. Abdolmajid Ranjbar explained that this technology can be used in all businesses.

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